I took some time during Veteran’s Day to reflect on the sacrifices which had been made by our soldiers throughout our nation’s history. As I reflected, my mind shifted slightly, and I began to think of all the sacrifices that my parents made for me.

  Parenting is a sacrifice. While we don’t often know the exact sacrifices our parents made for us, each of our parents sacrificed time, money, and often their well-being.

  Perhaps our parents could have chosen different career paths that could have been more lucrative, but instead they chose family. Perhaps our parents could have spent more time pursuing hobbies, but instead they chose time with their family. Perhaps there were times when our parents could have been spontaneous and carefree, but they chose family stability instead. Perhaps some of our parents even sacrificed their good health so that we could be well.

  Our houseparents at Southeastern Children’s Home are amazing people. Each of these couples are an amazing blessing to our children. The Walker, Caroon, Davis and Duke families are wonderful people and excellent Christian role models. Each day, these families make indelible impressions on our children in each of our group homes.

  Sacrifices are difficult. In many ways, sacrifices run counterintuitive to our selfish nature. They require a conscious act to put ourselves in harm’s way. Sacrifice requires effort, and often pain.

  I am thankful for the sacrifice that others have made for Southeastern Children’s Home. I am not only thankful for the sacrifices that have been made by our houseparents, I’m also thankful for those who have made sacrifices to make sure our ministry exists. I’m thankful for each of you who have given time and resources to ensure a better life for our children at Southeastern.

            Thank you for your sacrifice.


Robert C. Kimberly, MS
Executive Director