It’s hard to believe spring is upon us and summer is just around the corner. It seems as though time moves faster than ever. Change continues to be the only constant.

  There have been several changes here at Southeastern in the past year.

  First, we have several new, smiling faces as part of our Children’s Home family.

  Recently, we’ve added some new members to our staff at Southeastern Children’s Home. We’ve welcomed two new sets of houseparents:  the Caroon and the Davis families. We’ve also added two case managers: Alison Wofford and Matt Howland. Last year, our long-time receptionist Beverly Kelly retired, and we were blessed to have Wanda Martin begin working with us.

  We also recently were granted admittance into the second phase of accreditation with the Council on Accreditation, a prestigious, independent organization that promotes excellence in child welfare and community-based services. This is a huge accomplishment. Hopefully this process will be completed in October of this year. This accreditation will verify that Southeastern Children’s Home is an excellent facility for helping children and families.

  While change can be a good thing, for many of our children, change can also be frightening.

  It seems as though almost all of the children we currently serve have been with us for less than twelve months. Many of our children have been in seven or eight placements before they come to us. Often, our children have never experienced the normalcy of a family life.

  Please continue to keep our children in your prayers. We continue to serve more and more children with severe emotional issues.

  Change can be a great thing. We believe that our recent changes in our organization and the changes to our children will work together to serve a greater good.

  Thank you for continuing your support of our ministry.


Robert C. Kimberly, MS
Executive Director